Ground Assault

We have been on a number of deer hunts this season but this one would be different. This hunt would bring us down from the deer stand where we normally spend the morning and up close and personal with our prey. It was our first ground assault.

Ground Assault Ground Assault

2011 New Year Hunting Resolutions

Well, its that time of the year again when you start seeing folks making their New Year’s Resolutions and we here at Free Range Family are no exception. I like to make resolutions that are not only meaningful but attainable and this year we are naturally adding hunting and family related to the mix. We’d be delighted to hear about yours as well so feel free to share if you are so inclined.

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Hunting & History

We’ve been a Free Range Family for about a year now and already we have come across a few examples of how history and hunting can be closely tied or at least can be linked together without too much of a stretch.  You just have to keep your eyes open for opportunity and I’m sure you’ll find a few historical […]

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PETA: Rethink youth hunting

A December 12th editorial titled Rethink youth hunting in the Pittsburgh Tribune by PETA research specialist Paula Moore could not go without commentary from the editorial staff at Free Range Family.  I would have responded directly to the author but there was no comments field on the post. While she doesn’t make reference to her PETA affiliation until her tag-line, […]

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Hunting Books on Google Books

If you are like us, you may have already started a collection of hunting books, even if you have only been hunting a short time.  I know that months before our first wild turkey hunt this past spring we read several books on the subject  just to start getting an understanding of this elusive critter. We have a special room […]

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Getting your NC Hunting License
NC Wildlife

I had the pleasure of talking with a friend of mine last night at a Christmas party and he asked what we had been up to lately. I mentioned hunting along with a few other things and that seemed to peak his interest. I saw him along with his beautiful family after Mass this morning and let him know that I would be sending along via email everything that he needed to know to obtain North Carolina hunting licenses for he and his son.

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Deer Hunting Basics

As I write this, it is 7:03 a.m. on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It is a rare second hunt in a week and we  (Trip and myself) are sitting comfortably 10 feet up in a deer stand on a farm that we have had the privilege to hunt several times over the past year. Its a crisp 41 degrees and […]

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Critter Scouting

Prior to most any hunt you should embark on a series of scouting trips in order to accomplish a number of things for both a successful hunt and keeping the family out of doors,  together, and engaged.  Be sure to include all of the non-hunting members of your brood as well. The process of planning a successful scouting trip may […]

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Safety First
Hunting Safety

As part of a continuing series and as a mention in most posts, we will be covering hunter safety.  Almost no topic is more important.  If you don’t come back with all of your parts, or worse, you come back dead, then your hunting career is going to be very short. Despite what you might have heard hunting is actually […]

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Oh Deer, Oh My!

Once you start hunting and getting to know about the various seasons, habits and migrations you’ll find yourself looking for game whenever possible. Driving is one of my favorite times for this activity as it makes especially long drives go by faster for you and your young hunters and you can practice spotting game from a good distance off.

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